Wednesday , December 8 2021

Scientists simulate the life of the earth on earth


Researchers from the University of Michigan (USA) have created a computer model that shows the process of the origins of life on earth, reports the portal.

This computer simulation shows how replicating molecules that can catalyze their own synthesis arose from the most likely combinations of organic compounds and were the basis of the cells.

To reveal what caused them to form complex molecular chains that became the foundation of life, the professor of microbiology and molecular genetics in the educational center, Chris Adami, used the Avida software, which can produce reproduced programs. themselves.

When making these copies, errors that resemble DNA mutations in living organisms may occur, but because the programs compete with each other for access to memory and processor time, only those with survival and leaving "offspring" can be useful.

Each program is written in a language that contains 26 instructions (monomers), which are indicated by letters from A to Z. Thereafter, combinations of instructions are called linear heteropolymers analogous to chemical chains consisting of amino acids (proteins) or nucleotides (DNA or RNA).

The choice of "instructions", quite randomly, leads to the appearance of a large number of different programs. In this situation, specialists applied the principle that some combinations of Avida appear more common, as in nature, some chemical reactions are more likely and repeated more often.

As part of these "instructions," they contribute to the program's ability to replicate, if more common, 27 of every 1 billion programs generated are able to replicate. According to researchers, if there is a process that generates certain monomers at the correct frequency, the number of replicating molecules like ribozymes begins to increase sharply.

In 1,000 million random programs made with letter chains produced by Avida, these specialists discovered that 27 customers could self-replicate. Thus, they used them to create a probability distribution and found that their numbers increased dramatically.

Thus, these processes and ribozymes are more likely to occur in the primary conditions of the soil, RNA molecules that have the ability to accelerate specific chemical reactions, were the predecessors of the cell.

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