Monday , September 26 2022

San Fernando intensifies prevention campaign against dengue


Operation against dengue in Zanjón Fate.

The last operation took place in Zange Fate | The municipal initiative consists of three steps consisting of combustion of green spaces, disposal and information to neighbors.

San Fernando municipality extends the "Dengue Prevention Program" through the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Environment and Public Health in the district's various districts to control the spread and reproduction of Aedes Aegypti mosquito, only transmitting agents for the disease.

On this occasion, a measure was taken in the area next to Fatechip, where the director of the field of natural resource research and care, Gabriel Tato, monitored the data to discard, fumigate and deliver information material with Health Promoters in each home.

"We are working in the neighborhood with the neighbors on the outskirts of the Zanja Fate. From the Secretariat for Public Health, Human Development and Environmental Policy, we implemented this preventive program for the transmission of dengue, zika and chikungunya diseases. We do a good job side by side with the neighbors. a major effort to co-operate with payment of fees and we must utilize and maximize these resources through various programs that enable us to prevent this type of disease, "explained Tato.

At the same time, the official stressed that the management of the dengue prevention is primarily in descacharreo. "We try to get the neighbor to remove all types of permeable objects from accumulating water, which serves as a spreading focus for the larvae of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. We also do smoke treatment and we bring you informative material so you know how to prevent from home and what symptoms to look out for. All of these are factors that help us maximize resources and prevent disease, "he added.

With the aim of improving the quality of life and protecting residents' health, the municipality has mobile and municipal staff traveling through different public places in the city. Similarly, brochures are delivered to the neighbors in the street and house to house.

"Prevention of Dengue Program" consists of three steps. The first corresponds to the work of smoking, that is, to control the vector. The second and most important are descacharreo, under which neighbors are given the necessary information so that they know which tools they should reject from their homes, which are potential centers for Aedes Aegypti reproduction. And the third, work with the consciousness of the neighbors.

Silvia Manetti, Health Program Coordinator, added: "We are in conjunction with health projectors who go from house to house, provide information on dengue and discard with the Ministry of the Environment at the Ministry of Health. The neighbors were very attentive and began to dispose of the containers that accumulate water . "

The neighbor, Beatriz, talked to healthcare professionals and thought about the program: "The campaign seems very good because we have a source of infection through the power. It is very important that they raise awareness from house to house, as well as clean, so do the neighbor and we warn against dengue. "

The program began in October and will run all summer until March, working in public squares, spaces and neighbors in their homes. "We need everybody's effort to prevent and not leave a pot that generates an area for spreading the mosquito," concluded Gabriel Tato.

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