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Samsung Galaxy Fold breaks all speed records in the Chinese benchmarks Master Lu

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Although it doesn't come until next April 26 when Samsung Galaxy Fold is officially sold in our country, the first Samsung terminal terminal has already been tested by several users in China and how else can it be thanks to its high performance, The first feelings he left could not be more positive.

Master Lu, the Chinese benchmark currently in fashion, has shared the results of the tests conducted on Samsung's new entity in Weibo's social network, so We can already get an idea of ​​the terminal's internal components and their performance. And we continue to in some respects really surprising.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: the fastest terminal in the world

Samsung Galaxy Fold is known as the model SM-F9000. It has an internal Snapdragon 855 processor and a 12 GB LPDDR4X RAM and results in a total score of 417,716 points in the test.

According to the data being analyzed, the score is really on par with other terminals with the same processor, but still, What has surprised everyone is the speed of UFS flash memory, achieving a record that was not previously achieved by any other terminal, exceeds 50,000 points.

In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has thrown the following data:

  • Read Speed 976MB / s
  • Write speed 310MB / s

Master Lu Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is truly an expert in the manufacturing of flash memory and its mobile devices have some of the fastest memories in the world. Samsung Galalaxy Fold has the new 512 GB UFS 3.0 flash memory, which is the first flagship of a company with this technology, so it is not surprising that it has broken all the speed records so far.

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