Monday , August 8 2022

Salmon or pests or a bonus on most beaches in the Mid-North Coast depending on your take


Most of the past week have seen temperatures far below average and more wind than we would like, albeit mainly from the south for a change. At least we have had a little rainfall, which is really warm welcome, and should be positive from a fishing perspective.

In the estuaries, flathead continues to be the best bet with Hastings and tributaries producing some quality fish fish bags. Best catch has come from around Dennis Bridge, while Settlement Point and Blackmans Point are both worth a throw.

Blackfish has at best been patchy, while whiting continues to improve both quantity and quality, especially in Maria and Limeburners for those by boat, while anglers can do much worse than going for either the backwater or Blackmans Point.

As usual, living worms and yabbier will achieve the better results from a perspective view, but the test becomes more susceptible to the surface attracting quite well every day as the floods water slowly. Lake Cathie to is well worth a look even though it's closed.

Also in the estuaries, schoolmulloway continues from all parts of Hastings, with reports this week from the North Wall and Rocks Ferry Bridge.

On the beaches, the results are still inconsistent. Lighthouse has produced some whipping but there are plenty of throwbacks. Some reasonable brothers remain to offer, especially during early morning sessions.

Best results have been from North Beach and from around Crescent Head. Salmon continues to prove a pest or bonus on most beaches, depending on your perspective.

Recent good tides saw some schoolmulloway offered from North Beach and around Lake Cathie.

Despite the pile of beet fish along our coast, the tailor has not followed all schools. It's just a case of pot luck.

Of the stones, some tailors have been taken from Point Plommer and surround, while the same places in early morning or late afternoon are well worth a throw for the fire.

Some nice blackfish has also been offered around Shelleys and Miners, but some rough water is a must.

The next few weeks may well be worth a throw for a late-year drummer, as the last seasons have seen good prisoners taken almost up to Christmas.

Many keen Greeks do not mind this season at all, with the quality generally well on the average fish that occurred during the winter.

A little to report from the offshore front, thanks to virtually the constant winds that are frustrating fishermen no end.

Hopefully, this weekend will see acceptable conditions for a change, and if so, I expect strong protection. With a little luck, next week's report will contain some more encouraging info.

Until then, good fishing and tight lines to all.

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