Sunday , October 2 2022

Rodolfo D & Onofrio: "A friend of President Macri told me that on Sunday he wanted the game to be played in the river"


The president of the river, Rodolfo D & # 39; OnofrioHe assured it "A friend of Macri" told him that the head of state would have played last Sunday in the monumental arena, as they had agreed with Daniel Angelici and Alejandro Domínguez in the so-called "gentleman's pact".

In this line, the senior leader "Millionaire" reported that Macri made known that he gave "all support so that security is present and that the game can be played in the river". In connection with the meeting held on December 8 or 9 in another country, D & Onofrio pointed out, as the owner of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, requested: "Macri wants to play in the river, with the public and gives us all the support so that security is and can be done."

"Argentina will be in the world for the G20 and he will see it. I am convinced that it will be successful and the world will find out what happened. ¿How should we not make a match?That would be a last touch. It would be best to show the world that what happened this weekend is something that can be solved "he continued.

In dialogue with Jonatan Viale program city Radio Network, the president of the river He also referred to "betrayal" who knew by Daniel Angelici, who had signed the "gentlemen's agreement" commits to play the next day and then claims before the organization the disqualification of the "Millionaire" cast.

"With Angelici I have a hearty treatment, but you can tell me very much about the betrayal. I will not fight. His luck more than hurt surprised me because we agreed on something else. I was surprised that overnight asking themselves to go lost river games, is not fair "he stressed.

Héctor Godoy, Head of the Rio Brava Bar, the man is kidnapped by city police 7 million pesos at home from San Miguel, in one beat The last Friday was dictated by prosecutor Norberto Brotto, who investigates the resale of tickets for the millionaire club since last April. The prosecution department of the police also found nearly 300 seats for the meeting in the river for the Superfinals.

Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio referred to this fact and raid on the last Monday at the Monumental. "I left a note that was signed to the manager and human resources that they open a thorough investigation so that it is known where the tickets came from and if an illegal act was committed "he concluded.

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