Tuesday , August 16 2022

Risk of pasta on the face: Create a robot arm that gives you food in your mouth


Do you miss the time your parents fed you in the mouth, preferably with special effects like "the little planet", the "train", the "boat" or the like? Are you like us, those who think "why go if the escalator can do it for me"? Welcome to the future, where Instead of getting tired of your hands, a robot and intelligent arm will feed you.

The device, created by researchers from Australia and India, is called Arm-A-Dine, is a social experiment designed to interact with the person using it so that the experience is more entertaining and enjoyable.

It is a robot arm that is connected to the user's chest as if it were another member, which one Use your mobile phone with a face recognition system. For what? The robot detects your companions feelings to perform one of three actions: If you see something positive, like a smile, feed the person you have the opposite; If you see a negative feeling, it will feed you; and if it does not detect feelings, it will make a random move.

We're still not so excited about this accessory because it's a bit simple. You can only lift things from the plate, you can not cut a piece of meat or roll the noodles. At the moment, it's more an experiment or social game and not our dream: a personal assistant to avoid having to use our hands.

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