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Report on rape in San Pedro: they broadcast a video where the woman is seen dancing with the accused who committed suicide – 12/18/2018


the Mislead the victim who reports abuse He has not been rejected, despite the termination of Thelma Fardin and all that followed. At least in San Pedro, there are many who in social networks defend the director of sport who committed suicide two hours after being reported for rape by Marianela Sánchez through a video on Facebook.

"I do not believe you, Marianela!" It is the end of a message that for these hours was whatsapped by WhatsApp among those living in San Pedro. Marianela Sánchez told a video a few days ago that her dance teacher I had sexually abused her when she was 13 years old. The teacher Luis María Rodríguez was hanged on Sunday in Buenos Aires city. The defendant was also responsible for the municipality's sports directorate.

The message that is circulating is accompanied by a video with multiple dance pairs. As confirmed by municipal sources bugle, the video would be one or two years ago and one of these couples is Sánchez and Rodríguez.

"The one who accused Luis María of social networks. He never condemned it, only through social networks, He danced very seductively in 2017 with his alleged rape and did not show up when the prosecutor quoted her. He did not turn out to explain! I do not believe you Marianela !!! "said the statement in its full format. This Tuesday Sanchez apologized and did not appear on the prosecutor's office where he would testify in the case of investigating the alleged suicide of the official. "personal infinity".

Luis María Rodríguez, director of the San Pedro Municipal Sports, found himself dead at home after being accused of rape.

Luis María Rodríguez, director of the San Pedro Municipal Sports, found himself dead at home after being accused of rape.

"If I'm in front of my rape, I will not dance or move my arms and he watches because they do not watch the video with a word I will not provoke my attacker thanks …" (sic). It is one of the many messages circulated during the video where Sánchez and Rodríguez dance. The film was published on the social network of local media The newspaper San Pedro. And skepticism follows: "Haaaaaaaaaaaa … (sic), is another comment. And someone else adds:" You have to go for a change ".

According to El Diario de San Pedro, the audiovisual record is from 2017. "He always danced with the love of Marianela dance, like Luis, who has seen them on many occasions, will remember big dancers around Luis as a teacher, what does not mean that What has been reported has not been true … ", says one of the commentators on Facebook who managed to defend Sanchez.

In most of these comments, as in the message that circulates on WhatsApp among those living in San Pedro, the rejection of Sanchez is: "I imagine that all those who said" violin less "will apologize, says a woman at Facebook

In dialogue with bugleSanchez had reflected on the man he publicly condemned as his addict: "He was a very dear person in the city. Like any rape he wanted to cover what he really was."

This newspaper also featured municipal officials in San Pedro who confirmed that those who dance on the track are the complainant and it accused. As they explained, "he sees them in a second planwhen the camera makes a pan on the right. "And the scene would have taken place in the Italian community of San Pedro, where Rodriguez learned.

Prosecutor Marcelo Manso, investigating Rodriguez's suicide, confirmed that the woman's statement will be postponed later, even though she clarified that she was called only as a witness and that she is not required to do so.

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