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Rafael Santos Borré broke it in practice and gave good news to the fan's fan – 12/15/2018


The sun in the Middle East is raising heavily on players in the morning at Al Ain. Of course it is hot. But Rafael Santos Borré is connected. He is one of the most active actors in River Practice. There is a job in small spaces, nine to nine, but Colombian faces him as if he competed in the final of Copa Libertadores. Target, shoot and live! Inflates the network of Enrique Bologna.

Leave it all morning training this attacker was born 23 years ago in Barranquilla. Its substance is common, of course. Even though he has an explanation flowing from his lips. "I'm trying to get rid of all the hopes I had." Being unable to fight against Boca killed me. "And in addition, the game was extended, it was only played last week. It was something very nice and I missed it. Therefore, I want to show my colleagues that they can count on me as an alternative, after which it becomes a coach who defines the best option, "says Santos Borré. And it leaves a certainty that will calm down millions of fans: "I'll stay in the river."

The reasoning in Tahnoun Bin Zayed Stadium, Al Ain FC's old house, relates to rumors generated during the last hours around the Golead. In Madrid, it machine He had suggested that he could return to Atlético de Madrid. Especially after a conversation with Diego Simeone. "He was congratulating me at the moment that I'm going through. The clubs have already been in touch, Cholo knows what I can give him and what I could contribute to over time," he said on Spanish soil.

Powerful. Santos Borré scored three goals in the morning's training. (Photo MARCELO CARROLL / Special Envoy)

Powerful. Santos Borré scored three goals in the morning's training. (Photo MARCELO CARROLL / Special Envoy)

River I pay you 3,500,000 euros At Atlético de Madrid for 50% of the passport. But the Spanish club secured the possibility of repurchase in 7 million. Santos Borré's good performance put him back in Simeone's course. But both Helmuth Wenning, the player's agent and the striker himself came quietly to Núñez.

"By that time, I had let leaders handle that issue, but I'm fond of the river and I'll stay," he stressed in these venues. And he commended Marcelo Gallardo and his colleague's support for restoring the level. After all, Santos Borré failed to be the fourth attacker to be the undisputed holder of dock. "I found myself here. The boys have been basic so I can grow up to support me and use me quickly to argentine football, the South American elite. This is a good family and I want to continue here, said he.

the machine is headed for the Club World Cup. Of course, do not talk about Real Madrid. "We know that many teams want to play this kind of game. But in order for us to meet the best, we must first think about the meeting on Tuesday. The coaching staff sends it to us that we only focus on what's coming and not on a hypothetical end, "he said.

With an ice cream on the right knee, Santos Borré says goodbye to the press. with the hot foot for the goals he did in practice and dreamed of making his mark on the Thibaut Courtois network. After all, everyone here ratonean with a dream final against the white giant even though they have to face Al Ain FC or Esperance from Tunisia.


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