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"Phishing", a new breach of the upturn


December 17, 2018 – 00:53
It consists of tricks to steal bank accounts, install malicious code or squeeze, including maneuvers,

"Phishing", a method of computer attacks consisting of tricks to steal bank accounts, installing malicious code or extortion, including maneuvers, advances hand in hand with the growth of electronic commerce and specialists predict that incidents will increase significantly at the end of the year the parties .

A report from experts in cybersecurity revealed that multiplying mails promising free account of Spotify, WhatsApp messages that offer free shoes, emails to update data on the Netflix account and credit card claims for homebanking issues so people make a payment or click on a link that downloads malicious code.

These emails and messages appear to come from legitimate companies or organizations, but in reality they are imitations that redirect fake websites to make the digital "uncle's story" for criminal purposes.

Today, phishing is the kind of measure that generates more space for the attacker and the development of malicious code that grows most in the world, says a report from Cybersecurity company F5, which calculates "global financial losses on trillions of dollars". In this scenario, Argentina after Brazil and Venezuela is the third country that receives most phishing attacks in the region, explains Telam Roberto Ricossa, Vice President and Chief of F5. For the specialist, one of the reasons for the place in the regional ranking in the growth of electronic commerce sales, which in the country grew 52 percent between 2017 and 2018.

"This has a very important impact (on electronic fraud), except that 90% of Argentinian adults have ever bought something online," he said by phone from Miami.

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