Friday , August 19 2022

Pharmaceutical companies selling covid-19 vaccine to Chile do not respond to injury or death of inoculated


The state will be the responsible party if someone decides to sue for any negative effects of the drug.

The purchase agreements signed by the Chilean government with the pharmaceutical companies that develop coronavirus vaccines protect the legally named companies from liability in the event of a possible health risk to which the vaccinated people may be exposed, reports La Tercera.

Consequently, if someone is vaccinated and later has a negative impact on their health or even dies, the affected individual or their family will not be able to bring legal action against the manufacturer of the medicine used, so they would have to sue the State. because it was the government that approved the use of the vaccine.

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According to the newspaper, the CEO stated that these are the only conditions, where the purchase of millions of doses of the vaccine could be negotiated under pressure to do so as quickly as possible and at a moderate price. “There was no alternative,” they assured the presidency.

“No choice”

Under these circumstances, on 19 November, the Chilean Government signed the 4 million dose agreement with AstraZeneca, adopted on its own. “reasonable legal costs […] due to death, physical, mental injury, disability or condition, fear of the above, damage to third parties of their property and business interruption for the injured party or a person related to the said injured party […] related to or arising from the use or administration of the vaccine sent or assigned to you. “

From the Presidency, they stated that this point in the agreement with AstraZeneca “it is identical or very similar in all contracts with laboratories, and according to those who have seen those signed with Pfizer and Janssen, they are “. They are also shown in the agreement to purchase the vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, the media adds.

Referring to La Moneda, the newspaper He stressed that the governments of the European Union and Latin America were consulted and “the conditions are the same.” There is “no option” to change these terms, they added.

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