Friday , December 3 2021

Peronism not Kirchner evolves with armed for 2019: "It's not true there are only two options"


With the goal of continuing with the armed forces Federal options the space with which Peronism strives to compete in the choice of 2019, eight governors, two vice governors, senator Miguel Pichetto and the leader of the Renovating Front Sergio Massa They have a meeting in downtown Buenos Aires.

Prior to the meeting of the house of the province Cordova in Callao at 300, Mass said that the space integrated with governors is seeking "represents millions of Argentinians who want an alternative to this government""Today's meeting is to continue to grow. With governors, legislators and mayors, we want to represent millions of Argentinians and Argentinians who want an alternative to this government, Massa said in his Twitter account.

In this regard, the leader of Front Renovador said that "Federal Alternatives are the future"and added:" We want to represent the social majority who wants another government and another policy. ""Today we must be opposed, but our challenge is to rule and earn Argentina to make it grow"Said Massa.

In addition to the former deputy governor, attend the meeting Juan Schiaretti (Cordoba), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Domingo Peppo (Chaco), Gustavo Table (Between Rivers), Sergio Casas (La Rioja), Juan Manuel Urtubey (Salta) and Juan Manzur (Tucumán). The Vice Governors of Catamarca also sit at the table, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, and Tierra del Fuego, Juan Carlos Arcando.

Following the meeting of these 12 peronist leaders, the highlight was the Governor's attachment from Santiago Gerardo Zamora to space there was a meeting with others 150 legislators from different provinces

In a statement insured Peronist space that "Argentina's past and present took us together, hand in hand, to the failure". And that disappointment removed the expectations of millions of Argentinians who trusted the proposed change. It was the solution to all the problems, today they tell us that we have no choice but to vote for this crisis and the present or the past we wanted to leave . "

"They do not tell the truth, Argentina needs a country project and renews its ruling class, we are building an alternative proposal, an option for all political forces and for all Argentinians who share this vision and want to leave that crack that's so harmful. they said.

In that sense, it came to the conclusion that "we want more dignity and dignity come only from work, we want less poverty, and only work and production will generate the wealth we need to make progress, development and upward social mobility."

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