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Paula Cancio and her relationship with Benjamín Vicuña in "Argentina, Land of Love and Revenge": "We had a lot of entrance chemistry"

"It is a passionate relationship where the body becomes very much."

Paula Cancio leaves the character off Agatha to describe the link you have in fiction with Torcuatointerpreted by Benjamín Vicuña, in Argentina, Country of love and revenge. The Spanish actress joined El Trece's strip and recorded a special participation where she tried to persuade and reconstruct the villain with whom she had a business in the past.

"Although Torcuato he is a man who has no screws and does not shake when he has to kill someone, for some reason Agatha did not kill her", emphasizes the actress in an exclusive interview with telecommunications show.

In actors, actors go from love to hate in the same scene. They can start kissing after having sex and screaming or threatening to die.

"We talked a lot to Benjamin about our characters because we were interested in noticing that they knew each other before and that there was nothing at the moment. That's why we use the body a lot, the gestures …", list Cancio and add: "We had a lot of chemistry and entrance connection".

In fiction, Ágatha is obsessed with Torcuato (Video: "Argentina, Land of Love and Revenge", eltrecetv)

Vicuña stars in fiction with Gonzalo Heredia, Spanish Albert Baró, Delfina Chaves and his girlfriend Eugenia China Suarez. In this regard, the Spanish actress says that this was not an obstacle to "giving everything" in front of the cameras. "She didn't come to say anything or notice any boundaries. Benjamin and I are two professionals who understand how this is, "who was throwing a throw for his character and just confirmed that he had been two weeks later:" It was a lot of time, but I was sure they would give me role. "

When analyzing what you have in common Agatha and Paula, the actress says, "Save the distances where the character is a scam, both are similar." Especially in passion: I am also very passionate".

"On the other hand, we are both responsible and serious in their work, we do not think that something goes wrong or that some details release," he continues.

Your future projects, the return to Madrid and Miguel Ángel Solás health

When you join ATAV, Paula Cancio will be a part of Little Victoria, the new project by Telefe that will be in peak time and will be starred by Facundo Arana, Luciano Castro, Inés Estévez, Julieta Díaz, Natalie Pérez, Mariana Genesio Peña, Nicolás Francella and Daniel Hendler.

In parallel, he went back to the stage with Double or nothing, the game he is leading with his partner, the actor Miguel Ángel Solá, at the Regina Theater. "In January, we had to interrupt the functions because he had dizziness, after testing and seeing that everything was fine, we decided to return with only eight functions," says the Spanish actress.

In September it will be time to return to their home country. According to his story, the main reason why the actor's older daughters live there – "he feels he loses a lot with them" – and because the daughter they have in common –Adriana, six years old – starting first class.

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