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PASSION RUNNER | A dog ran 200 kilometers in the Sahara and is a rage in the networks

Cactus made history. He is the first dog to run the Marathon des Sables, one of the races most difficult in the world. This ultramarathon dog hit many runners. But is it healthy for a dog to make such a distance? Is it good that an animal accompanies you to run? Pasión Runner tells you.

Morocco is home to the Marathon des Sables, a race in the middle of the Sahara desert, to do 250 km in six days. Only highly trained and trained competitors can achieve this achievement. But this year, all eyes were on the cactus, a puppy who ended the challenge. In fact, Cactus did not make the first step (32.3 km), since it was added from the other neighboring city where he lives.

Cactus was the center of attention of thousands of people from all over the world who followed through the networks day by day in the race. The most important thing was that their nutrition and hydration were necessary to face such a challenging career. First, there were athletes and then the organization that arranged people to take care of Feed him and drink water at each feed station. At night he slept in the camp with other competitors.

The organizers set as a necklace the chip that every athlete must measure their time and journey. Through an app you can follow the Cactus site, minute by minute, in real time.

Many offered to adopt the dog, the vast majority of runners, and thought of an ideal companion to add many kilometers. However, the organizers were worried about clarifying that the beloved puppy owns. She is Karen Hadfield, who told Cactus usually run 40 km a day, "just for fun". When the competition was over, both met again. And in the middle of applause, the ultra-marathon dog returned home.

Cactus is an extreme case of dogs running. Without going any further, at events all over the country, it is common to see the pets do the tour together with runners. But if you want to run with your dog there are several aspects that you must take into account.

Cactus during the competition in the Sahara. (Source: Facebook MarathonDesSables).
Cactus during the competition in the Sahara. (Source: Facebook MarathonDesSables).

Miguel Onofrio Longo (MN 5841), veterinarian and broker, clarified some basic points. First, the animal must be in optimal physical condition. The ideal is that the dog "train" with you, but has it as a moment of pleasure between both. Don't try to take it out to a competition if you didn't prepare it in advance.

animals it does not need to be but to live the activity as a form of recreation and not to submit it. You may find it fun to ride your dog, but that doesn't mean he likes it. In addition, it is important that you have Check it through the strap, to avoid bumps or travel.

As with a runner, the dog must be gradually used and supervised by a veterinarian. Special attention must be paid to the training plan. Of course, they do not wear shoes and legs they are vulnerable. Although they go on very hot hours, there are serious risks of dehydration or heat stroke.

The dog who does this activity must Have your "physical fitness" current, with heart, respiratory and daily vaccinations, as it will eventually get in contact with other animals.

Driving with your dog is a personal decision. The important thing is to be clear that the idea is to share a moment together, take care of their health and prioritize above all their well-being.

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