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Outbreak of Pampita, annoyed with several known by the image of "Dance 2019"

As if sitting next door Marcelo Tinelli will add an extra point to the first rhythm of Super Dancing 2019, there were several figures of the contest that disputed their place in the official photo of the competition. And that way, in what ended up being the cover of people, the privileged were two actresses: Leticia Brédice and Grilled Sicilian.

but Pampita Then he opened a question mark. And it is that the two occupied that position with their own profit, yes, and humiliated other figures as Florence Peña, Valeria Lynch, The flower of V, Mora Godoy and owns Carolina Ardohainfrom case to case. But was it merit artistic or dictatorial? That is, did they put them there or lie down in a bad way?

That dilemma – it said – was installed by the jury of the competition show Match by making a short monologue in your program, Pampita Online, where he hinted, without pretending to hide anything, his irritation. Even without giving names. "I remember when there were elbows between the models," he began and blinked at his old controversy with Nicole Neumann, when they shared the most prestigious catwalks about 15 years ago, they were the two most sought after models. And there was born a rivalry that emerges with everlasting being.

But do not deviate from the important. Because the original words from ex-wife to Monaco Peak They were hardly an impulse. "Yes, there were no noodles here," Carolina retorted, "but … It was a quilombo! to see who sat next to Marcelo. Until once the producer said (from the photo): "What do I do?" the photoshopeo Marcelo and I put it in the middle of everyone so everyone is happy? ".

Pampita described a climate there abounded "the long faces, the bad wave …". And then he launched his criticism for raising. "It touched me on the floor, with Flor (Peña). We could see bombacha. "Well, what are we going to do? It touched us here …" (we said). We made no problems with anything, we knocked the hard floor for a long time. "The two were a few inches from Tinelli, but at the bottom of the picture.

And the driver delivered the last shock force: "It was one of all (the famous) who did not want to come to the photo, huh! Everyone who waits that way … (gesture of irritation.) Who? No, I will not say And we there, on the floor, little girls, continue and wait, because we are all moms and we wanted to go.

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