Tuesday , August 16 2022

Official pressure to lower gasoline by 10%


The national government intends that oil companies lower the price of their fuels by 10% in December with the decline in oil prices and the stable dollar as an argument.

The CEO initiated a "discreet but persistent" negotiation with the oil companies according to Clarinet's newspaper, so that the decrease reaches at least premium products, whose prices have increased by almost 70% so far this year.

"In December there is an update of coal taxes, but we believe that oil companies have already reached import parity (price of import parity, against which local yield is measured) and now they have to lower the amounts to 10%, at least in the (nafta) prize", detailed from the Rosada Clarin newspaper.

"The oil companies meet imports to premium (refining), if the import price is what they take into consideration, it would be logical that they lower," said an official asking for not to be mentioned.

In the executive branch, they claim that they tolerated the increase in the price of international oil, reaching $ 85 at the beginning of October. But it now changed the scenario and the oil is falling in the area of ​​$ 62 per barrel for Brent, the kind considered to be in the country.

In executive power, they will lift these arguments with the YPF authorities, but they can also take them to Axion and Shell, the other main players in the market. In any event, the official conviction that YPF has such a significant market leader is that it draws the rest of the market.


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