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Nine months of Thelma's complaint to Juan Dartés was completed, how does the case proceed?

The actor is still complicated in the cause and so far, some progress has been made.

On December 11, one of the most important events happened
people from the last time in the Argentine television. So he was
Actresses Argentina's Collective met to condemn Juan Darthes for
violation. The plaintiff was Thelma Fardín and her case caused a strong one
Shock among the public. Nine months after the presentation of the topic, the cause
keep moving forward

“For nine years, I was silent about what happened to me
until another girl reported him. In 2009, he was 16, and the only actor
Traveling adults in the group were 45 years old. One night he kissed my neck,
It moved me. I said no, he took my hand to feel his erection. & # 39; Watch
as you tell me, he said, "began the enormous story as confused
To the entire artistic community.

What is known so far will be the prosecutor's office
the next days if you prosecute Juan Darthés in a criminal way for the complaint received.
Nicaraguan justice evaluates the matter and they are subject to an inspection
eyepieces that must be brought to the hotel in Managua there
terrible fact. In 2009, members of Patito Feo stayed there
place during your tour.

“The hotel is not allowed to do the eye inspection.
They claim they have scheduled events. We hope you can do the most
as soon as possible, ”states Nicaraguan Public Ministry. of
However, the Prosecutor's Office already has other evidence in its possession
case, including expertise, immigration records and recordings of
interviews conducted in Argentina.

“Make an estimate of how many customers have stayed
per year in that space. A year gives 365 days and on average a customer
You can stay for three days, which means at least 100 or 120 per year. if
1,000 in total. What consideration of a criminal act will they find? "It said
source linked to the defense of Darthés in Nicaragua in order to distinguish the accused
of the subject

Another important point has to do with one's own
testimony of Thelma. According to what Fardín told me was a hotel employee
key so that she can free herself from the situation she was in
submitted by Darthes. From what he mentioned, he had come to give her one
new magnetic card for the teen and knocked on the door, thanks to it,
She could escape the room.

For the authorities, the stay remains a mystery
by this worker and it is also difficult to find out what happened. of
For his part, the actor decided to settle in his home country, in Brazil, to
Avoid the charges. Remember, the Fardín case is not the only one
that other celebrities accused him of similar situations and
almost equal position.

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