Friday , December 3 2021

"Mono" Burgos surprised with a rock show at the Christmas dinner at Atlético de Madrid


Germán Burgos Surprised with a rock show on Christmas dinner Atlético de Madrid. Field Assistant of Diego Simeone went up to stage mounted on Wanda Metropolitan and he sang several songs. "Monkey" remembered his time as a flip-flop.

The end of the year's festival took place in the arena and it was attended by leaders, coaches and players. Even employees in the club and female players.

It is known that besides football is the second big passion in Burgos rock. In fact, he was part of several groups. The first one found was in the 90's, which he called La Piara, later called Burgos Simpatia.

Far from the cover of the first time, the band led by the former archers played two studio albums: Jaque al Rey (1999) and Fasolera de Tribunas (2000).

After being installed in Madrid, the group changed its name again, and it was named Garb, with its initials (Germán Adrián Ramón Burgos). Thirteen years have already passed since the last record.

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