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Meet the new stickers that will soon come to WhatsApp

In WhatsApp you can get the stickers you want and even create your own, even if it doesn't hurt to see what the new officers will be.

Nowadays it is difficult to think about WhatsApp without thinking Sticker. Thousands and thousands of them; many custom and other official applications (the easiest to get for those who prefer not to install more apps on your phone). The news that touches us today, that we will have at least one new package of official stickers.

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Meet the new stickers that will soon come to WhatsApp

The new stickers on WhatsApp

Actually Sticker which will be included in many parts of the world are these three packages: Love for football, De Boa and Opi, but for Opi alone, Mexico is new. Want to know how to download it? Easy, continue reading.

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-In any chat, enter emojis and then the stickers
-Press on +, which is for Add stickers (you'll find it at the end of the menu)
-Find Opi in the list and download it
-Finished. As soon as the download is complete, they will be ready for use

According to fayerways, the best thing about the official stickers is on WhatsApp is that you do not need to download any extra in your mobile phone, because they are inside the same application that you already know and certainly you love. Although this is not enough for you You will always find many more options Play Store. Or you can create your own stickers.

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