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Matías Rossi won this year's best race in Super TC2000 – 06/30/2019

"Super TC2000 is like Luis Sandrini, make us cry and laugh at the same time", the comment was heard in the boxes in Paraná autodrome, where the most technical category in the region was developed the most controversial date, but also the best show competition so far in the 2019 season. In the background, the screams could be heard from the Toyota bunker, where with great euphoria he celebrated the sensational victory of Matías Rossi, who in a fantastic blow in the last turn hit the double champion Facundo Ardusso (Renault) and took a memorable triumph.

In addition to the risky decision to throw in front of the great referee of the current Super TC2000, Rossi won this year's best vintage. It was a contrast to the criticism that was made on the previous day with the controversial classification, where one speculated not to add kilos with the new ballast system which now carries out 70 kilos for the policeman, 60 for 2nd on Saturday 55 for 3 ° and 50 for on the 4th Despite the reservations, Finally, the members of the podium were three of the four who placed ballast in the classification, then behind Rossi and Ardusso arrived Leonel Pernia, who started from the front, was delayed and finally recovered to reach third, score well and stay as leader of the competition.

Look, too

The most heard word since Saturday's classification was "Speculation". The alternative to those who preferred not to accelerate in the last qualifying round not to add kilograms, as determined by the new ballast system implemented by the category, installed the controversy over this new opportunity.

Of course: there were no great arguments to be against or against. It is true that no one likes to see a participant who does not want to accelerate in the definition of the Super Classification to start "light" in the competition. But it was not certain with certainty what degree of recoil that kilos accumulated from one day to the other.

Rossi, the winner followed by Ardusso and Risatti. (Photo: Mario Quinteros)

Rossi, the winner followed by Ardusso and Risatti. (Photo: Mario Quinteros)

With that expectation and with the incognito, the 5th day of the season developed. A transition year, learning and experimentation for Super TC2000, with brand new turbo wheels and the new aerodynamic regime.

The race was the best of the current championship. Of discomfort for candidates, such as the dismissal of the policeman, Leonel Pernia, with the "heavy" Renault Fluence, who fell to fifth place. But also for the virtues of others, like the fierce first attack of the two-handed battle Facundo Ardusso, packed for the victory in Rosario with the other Renault.

The fight for third place was undoubtedly the most entertaining in 2019, with a fierce battle between the Facundo Chapur (Citroen), Pernía and Ricardo Risatti, who showed the Honda team's expected development to return to the privileges. Pernia, in a narrow launch, jumped to Chapur in a curve to the right and moved it. After that, the race leader took over Risatti, but it was best, because Chapur also went to the white car and a new hand in hand, Cordovan and Pernía went out to the main course. French horn, aerodynamically favored Risatti and there beat the two together, in what was perhaps the best maneuvering of the year for Super TC2000.

Back everything happened. They also played teammates, such as the two Honda representatives, Juan Ángel Rosso and "Manu" Urcera. The dismissal of both originates from the entry of the safety car only two turns from the end.

Look, too

The launch puts everyone together for the final sprint. And when no one expected, Rossi took up the competition a few meters from the checkered flag in front of a big rival. It was with one of the maneuvers that remain in the collective memory, and even more in Rossi, thus achieving its fourth victory in Paraná, between the three achieved in the old TC2000 and this Sunday in the current Super TC2000.

In addition to the questions and the controversies about the implementation of the ballast system, the show in the race was very good. Transitions, fast maneuvers, friction and an unpredictable definition, what each sporting activity is about and that at this time, the Super TC2000, needed, is in the classic Entrerrian drawing. Perhaps from the longing path that technical discipline seeks to seek and work to achieve in a definite way.

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