Friday , December 3 2021

María Eugenia Vidal: "I tolerated machismo situations"


"All women in some place are affected by violence, the important thing is not to shut up"he summed up María Eugenia Vidal when asked about the violence about genocide and the consequences of macho culture.

The governor of Buenos Aires was optimistic about the effects of women's movements rejecting abuse and harassment: "What comforting me is that my teenage daughters will not shut up, they are part of a generation that raises their voice."

In personal terms he emphasized the importance of "not be more functional to the macho culture" and "learn" from their daughters: "They already have authority and are aware of their rights," said the leader.

Consulted in TN if he suffered an unpleasant situation, he said: "I will undoubtedly tolerate machismo situations, we've all ever experienced a moment where we feel helpless, without knowing what to do". And on the responsibility of politics, an area where complaints were also heard in the last few hours, he stressed: "It can not be a crack here, we all have to be in the same boat, no one can say" in my political space it never happened "".

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