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Marcelo Gallardo, powerful: "This does not stain the parties" of the river to win against Boca – 12/18/2018


For Marcelo Gallardo do not need the reasons for the hard elimination of the Club World Cup against the weak Al Ain in Arab Emirates, but we have to go back and travel to Madrid. There, in the echoes of the historical triumph against Boca, in Copa Libertadores raised so much stress and deferred play in the logical hangover of the celebration. There the river's coach finds the explanations for a defeat that no one had in the plans.

"The question was how we bet, it was enthusiasm, it was enthusiasm, the subject was to know how we would be in concentration, in the head. We lacked determination to play a game like in paper, the opponent was less than we came to get, but you win with goals. And we could not fulfill the will to play the final, "explained dock after defeat 5-4 against locals in the penalty game after fading 2-2 in 90 minutes.

It was far from the best river. With rude mistakes in the background and getting lucas in attack. Until Pity MArtínez, in particular, in crucial cases, could not put his sentence, which could have closed the story on a regular basis.

Where was the River River? Did he face this game with the responsibility he deserved?

"It is normal, what was achieved was very strong, we must know how to differentiate, differentiate. It was a dangerous match for us. And in those moments of inattention we get together. Afterwards in the penalty game, the ball can fall to any side, "said Gallardo.

What dock He has no doubt that this place does not overshadow the victory against Boca. So the coach was emphatic in that regard and sentenced: "Celebration must continue because what was achieved a few days ago was historic, it is not colored by this defeat, now we have to continue."

He added: "We knew they would suggest a counterattack and a quiet ball, the match was dependent on us, the good quality of the pass, we could not hold it, it is a general responsibility that had a lot to do with what we experienced. you always learn, for me and for all. "

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