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Marcela Tinayre talked about Mirtha Legrand's health and is expected to return to TV

(Video: "Mirthas Night" – Thirteen)

Mirtha Legrand She was running on a belly cotton on Sunday May 13 and after spending five days in the Mater Dei sanatorium, she returned home to continue her recovery. For that reason, last weekend, his daughter, Marcela Tinayre, he was responsible for driving The Diva programs in El Trece.

Everything seemed to indicate that Mirtha could return to work this weekend. But from the station they confirmed that Tinayre would take responsibility for his mother's program. In the beginning of The Night of Mirtha, the host spoke of the health of The Chiqui and finally advanced it next week will come back to tv.

"It's crazy, amazing, I want to make it clear my mom got stitches on thursday, so it was not convenient to be here on the floor. Do not ask things so quickly when they are health problems. This is not a serious problem, but it is a health problem, says the driver.

He sent a greeting to his mother and said: "I think she'll be here next weekend. They will announce it, of course. "

Although he has replaced his mother this weekend, he admitted: "I swear it's true: I'm more upset than last weekend. Much More I said, "Today it will be, I see it from home". And none of that. "

Last week, Tinayre was asked about the impact of her participation in her mother's historical program, and she replied: "When they suggested me I decided to enjoy it, but in my style with all my concerns, freedom, information, experience and sensitivity. Having fun is my prerequisite, although it is a very prestigious program and puts my stamp on it and tries to separate my mother's image. "

"It was amazing, everywhere and everywhere. I never imagined the result I would have. I won the audience on Saturday and Sunday in the canal, "he added, exultantly with happiness.

During the weekend, Mirtha Legrand spoke in a telephone dialogue with her daughter alive as she completed her program and said: "I suspect the next weekend I will be in good condition. I am very good and feel perfect. I go home, I watch TV, I read, I sleep and I get a visit, even though it is small because we talk a lot there and in these cases it is better not to talk so much. A kiss to the guests, the listeners and my entire team. I have no words to thank the conversations and those who wanted me a quick recovery. "

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