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Marcela Feudale intimate: "I've Never Loved My Life" – 11/07/2018


She owns one of the most contagious laughs on television. Join every night to Marcelo Tinelli in the phrase show Match, and have a great experience in the middle. But Little is known for its privacy, as Marcela Feudale is characterized by its low profile.

Therefore he surprised the frank interview he made for the bike Show Show, which Ulises Jaitt conducts at Radio Urbana on Mondays at 20:00 He talked about intimate and personal things. From love to maternity.

Radio Marcela Feudale conducts a program on Rivadavia radio. Photo: Lucía Merle

Radio Marcela Feudale conducts a program on Rivadavia radio. Photo: Lucía Merle

"I am alone, without chongos, absolute absence of the male sex. I'm with seven thousand things and everything is very complicated. One is with the head where we can withstand all this economic attack we have, "replied Feudale before asking if it was in pairs.

After the speaker and the panel expanded the concept: "I have never loved my life. I fell in love twice: once when I was very stupid and that boyfriend, I suffered and suffered a lot when we cut it because it left me. When I was a big girl I was also in love, and the rest were series. I was unfaithful, I do not believe in faith, we are unfaithful of nature, it is because of the fact that I would forgive infidelity. "

In addition, he explained why he never had children. "I would not want to be a mom. It's not something I've programmed in my life to be a mother, I felt it took a lot of freedom. Today I put it in another way, but if I were a mom now it would be too big for when he is a teenager and I do not know if he should understand his times. I would suffer a lot, "he claimed.

Marcela acknowledged it "The hardest moment in my life was when my old man died", and talked about current issues like genocide, sexual harassment, abortion and others.

Feudale and Lourdes Sanchez are fighting.

Feudale and Lourdes Sanchez are fighting.

"I suffered psychological violence, which threatens to tell you to watch, do this because it bother me, it's a kind of violence. It is to push someone to act in a certain way. "

"I have the harassment configured as something else, Harassment is when you say no from the beginning and endures you forever. Sometimes they think harassment is a love game. "

About the abortion leg, he said he is "In favor of decriminalization, there are many women who do not have the information or the ability to know many things that are related to not having abortion. "

The death penalty was blunt: "I'm not because Argentinian justice is a disasterthen they will regret it, it's like the bullet that Chocobar bounced on the sidewalk and killed the thief. We do not know if Nisman was killed or committed suicide.

He also referred to an anecdote that he had to live about a paranormal situation: "A friend of mine many years ago had stopped seeing him, One day I worked and I felt a hand touching me, I automatically remembered your phone number, When I got home, I called him and he did not participate, and after 3 days I learned that he had died.

Feudale also gave Your opinion about legalization of marijuana: "With the consumption of drugs, I have a problem with a problem that occurs to me. When a person has the resources to handle it, it can not be destroyed, when the legalization means that the children consume paco, they will be able to consume it, what they say "being deceived is divine" constitutes an excuse. As a society, we are not prepared. "

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