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Lionel Messi in Champions fashion: against the threat of Cristiano Ronaldo and the English invasion – 03/15/2019

They have been left alone, Messi and Barcelona, to defend the honor of the Spanish League before its Majesty it Champions League.

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The overwhelming superiority that Real Madrid has introduced (champions in four of the last five editions: 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018) and Barça (winner 2015) is in danger. In addition to the titles, the hegemony was reflected in another information: in the six previous Champions League, the League always classified three teams in the quarterfinals.

But it broke this year. The hardest battle was the elimination of Real Madrid in the hands of Ajax, although it also damaged the departure of Atlético de Madrid operated by Juventus. In return, and perhaps as a message for the future, Premier League invaded with their four participating teams. Everyone is among the best eight: Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool. To strengthen the trend, they also advanced to the case of Chelsea and Arsenal in the Europa League.

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With the cross defined yesterday in Nyon, Switzerland, England secured at least one semi-finalist: The City of Pep Guardiola or Tottenham by Mauricio Pochettino. The other Manchester will be Barcelona's rival, obsessed with raising Orejona and to erase from memory the unusual elimination of last year against Roma, when he lost 3-0 after winning 4-1 in the first leg.

What Barca wants to remember is the story of United. They are the finals 2009 and 2011, both won by the historic team Guardiola against Alex Ferguson. In the first one played in Rome, it was 2-0 with goals from Samuel Eto & # 39; o and Lionel Messi. In runner-up he played one of them Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez also entered. The second definition, as a scene design, had the mythical Wembley in London and ended 3-1. Pedro, Messi and David Villa scored for the champions and Wayne Rooney made the difference.

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There is also in this collision of giants a memory for the present trainer in Manchester who wears red. Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer returns to Camp Nou twenty years after his dream match: on May 26, 1999, in the final against Bayern Munich, entered the 81st minute when Manchester lost 1-0. In 90 + 1 Teddy Sheringham tied it. And in 90 + 3 Solskjaer converted the goal which was worth a cup. Agonizing and unforgettable.

Since replacing Jose Mourinho in the bench in December, the team played 18 games, won 14, took two and lost two. In the past 16 he left Paris Saint-Germain (with a 3-1 visitor, after losing 2-0 at home) now goes to Barcelona. Sergio Romero and Marcos Rojo are on the list, but they usually do not add up to many minutes.

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First they play at Old Trafford, Wednesday, April 10; then at Camp Nou, Tuesday 16th.

The winner of this key will face the winner between Liverpool and Porto, who will open in The Beatles Country (9/4) and complete in Portugal (17/4). It is a context without the Argentines.

In addition to Spanish and English, there is a main character who is determined to make as much sound as possible. More than he already did. Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus and after his movie night, with three goals against Atlético de Madrid, he warned: "For that they took me". Juve, who is bored of winning the Italian championship without resistance (with 18 points on the second who goes to his eighth consecutive title) bets on the Champions League. In quarters, he will collide with Nicolás Tagliaficys Ajax, who surprised the world with his 4-1 at Real Madrid.

Juventus and Ajax played two finals in this Cup: in 1973 Dutch won 1-0; in 1996 the Italians, 4-2 in the definition of penalty after 1-1. First they meet in Amsterdam (10/4) and then in Turin (16/4).

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Anyone who moves forward will have an English as a rival. Both Tottenham and Manchester City are the only ones in this group of the eight who never won the Champions League. the Only Agüero leads with his goals the aspirations of nationalwho also has a Pep Guardiola eager to get what he could with Barcelona (twice) but not with Bayern Munich.

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The semi-finals will be played on Monday 29 April and 6 May. End game, Saturday June 1, at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid. Only there, in the last game, could be the clash of the goal planets: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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