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"Lionel Messi, aren't you a devil?": The "obsessed" rapporteur went crazy in the race's first goal against Manchester United

When the doll that manages the thread and the times of his puppets, Lionel Messi knows when to play with Barcelona. He knows that his appearances, increasingly crucial, are the key to the team's success. And yesterday, against Manchester United it was no exception. Not only did he score for the match's first goal when the opposition had a clear determination to go out and look for the game, but he also ruled the series with a second goal when the ghost of elimination last season was still scary.

Above the Camp Nou in the goals, the Messiah reflected, but also one of the rapporteurs who covered the match. It is about Alfredo Martínezwho made a descriptive and emotional account of the flea's first goal, which became viral immediately, not just for his words but for the mood: he seemed "obsessed".

There were small puns with the red devils (nicknamed the Manchester Law Call) and their cry filled with unusual feelings. Maybe why the story generated so much empathy with the public.

"Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals … The Immortal Messi … Aren't you a Devil? Well, take hell. Culé hell and Barca devilwhat bullet he steals, how the autopase is done, how he walks, like a devil to the horizontal in the area, how he stretches, how he breaks the curse, he nails down, for the overall effect, to break United's goals against all curse .. "Glory and glory to Leo Messi, in Camp Nou, you're amazing, you're unique Messi".

But the story of Martinez did not end with the first goal. He also added poetry to the runner's second goal, which was transformed after a mistake by De Gea who passed the ball under the body.

"Goooool, Double, Double, Capocannies, Lionel, Messiah Messi, Rosario steals it again, magnifies Blaugrana's tunic, challenges logic again, King has returned, Messiah has returned, this Barça does not fail, Barça bloodthirsty in Champions".

Rosario's two goals did not only make his loss mark in the quarterfinals of the Champiosn League, where he had not scored six years, but also made him add 24 goals against English teams in Champions.

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