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Ley Micaela: The Senate will address the project against genocide


December 19, 2018

The rules, which had a half penalty in the alternates, required mandatory training in the matter of the members of the three branches.

The Senate will address the call on Wednesday "Ley Micaela" which establishes Mandatory education on gender and violence against women for those who work in public services at all levels and hierarchies.

The project, which was added to the extra sessions after the flood of accusations of abuse, was approved by 171 votes in favor and one against from Alfredo Olmedo's side, although there was a high degree of absence: there were 173 legislators present and 84 absent.

The initiative proposes the creation of a "Permanent National Program for Institutional Education in Gender and Violence Against Women ", and was named "The Law Micaela García", in tribute to the 21-year-old young woman murdered in Gueleguay in April 2017.

On April 1 that year Micaela started dancing and when she got home, she was intercepted by two men who forced her into a car. They raped her, they broke her throat, and then threw her along a path, between grasslands.

It should be remembered One of his killers must have been in prison for the previous violation of two girls, but a referee had granted him conditional freedom and thus completed a new crime.

The education of the highest authorities in the three branches will be responsible National Institute of Women, that on its website it must provide public access and disseminate the degree of compliance with the law's provisions in each body.

Moreover, The regulation provides sanctions for those who refuse to be trained. This was announced by the National Deputy for Victory and author of the Law, Analyze Rach Quiroga, who warned that "there will be sanctions " for those who refuse to train in sex and violence.

"The law becomes mandatory and therefore there are sanctions for persons who refuse without just implementing the planned training"He said.

Finally, he explained "Failure to follow this call will be considered a serious mistake In addition, the refusal to participate in the education will be published via the National Institute for Women, which will become executive authority. ".

"Ley Micaela" will be discussed in the congressional extraordinary sessions

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