Friday , December 3 2021

Land Accident: Cheta appeared in the pool with his imported truck | chronicle


A woman from northern Buenos Aires suffered an unusual accident when she fell into her house's sink onboard her truck. For this reason he has to call a tow and tell his neighbors that they would cut off the street for the same reason: to pull the car from the pool.

"I had a domestic accident", said the woman in an audio message to her neighbors in northern Buenos Aires suburbs. "He fell, I fell with the truck and everything to my pool because of a mechanical problem"he revealed.

"Now we have to rent a crane that would come before 18 to take it out of the ceiling, I apologize for the inconvenience of cutting the street for a while"the woman expressed regret when asked the owner of a black Ford Focus to move the vehicle "to park the crane" on this site.

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