Friday , December 3 2021

Lampe angry: "We wanted to play on the river


Carlos Lampe he could not record one minute Boca Juniors, but also integrates the squad that lost the historic Superfinal Copa Libertadores against the River Plate in Santiago Bernabu. For that reason, the Bolivian goalkeeper revealed details of the Xenes intimacy from the incidents of the Monumental microsphere to the game finally played by decision by Conmebol in Real Madrid.

"As a team we want to play in the tribunal because we felt the pressure it feels to play a classic in local condition. Boca recently won the river at his court. With that background, The group wanted to play it on the river and with its people, but under these circumstances it was impossible. We wanted to play at his stadium and with his audience, but for some "fools" could not be done, "said the 31-year-old goalkeeper.

And if the attacks on the Boca micro near the court in Boca said, "It was a very complicated time." My window did not fall, but s broke back and forth. There were many seconds where objects continue to enter and then the gas enters.. It was a very difficult moment, very desperate to hear how they called the doctor, because your colleagues were cut, with glasses everywhere. All despair was terrible. Thank God, nothing was serious, because even the driver got. The driver could drop the wheel, we could turn around, could run an accident over people, but thank God, he did not take life.

"Likewise, Lampe continued in an interview with the newspaper La Tercera, the campus's intimacy during the Superfinals:"We always imagined taking the cup. There was a lot of talk, that was the only topic we were talking about. All we wanted was to take the liberators to our people. They deserve as they filled the arena into an exercise, when we went to the monumental we were encouraged by thousands of people. They also kicked us off when we went to Madrid. They are incredible. "

Finally, it still acknowledges the Xeneize player's desire to stay in the club: "I have a contract with Huachipato, but it's hard to play again ah. I would not want to leave Boca without playing a game without winning anything. I want to stay, but you have to wait. I came because Esteban (Andrada) was injured, but Agustn (Rossi) raised the level and then returned Esteban. I had no chance to show why they brought me".

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