Wednesday , December 8 2021

La Chipi suggested "Tongo" between Flor Peña and Jimena Barón, and the actor went to the intersection: explosive release and opposition!


Tonight Baron plays a place in the final in the Danish competition of show Match in front Mery part CErro. Hours before this happens La Chipi, member of BAR, condemned that in the last duel (Tango where the 4 semifinalists were defined) Flor Peña added a gesture to Jimena Barón which betrayed a certain "order between them".

See also: La Chipi revealed Flor Peña's eloquent gesture to Jimena Barón before rescuing him in the last duel: "I do not know if there was tongo but …"

After reading, through, about La Chipi's words, Jimena Barón came to the junction through Twitter: "Close, mom. Stop lying. And if you're talking about me, at least when you cross me, do not you who do not see me that I have the biggest qloon like a hot tank, it's physically impossible", appealing to his usual humor.

The truth is that the charge of La Chipi was serious … will there be a release tonight on the track and further aggravate the nerves in a certain instance of dance?

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