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Juventus vs Manchester United LIVE ONLINE LIVE SEE FREE via ESPN 2 with Cristiano Ronaldo for Group H in the Champions League


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All Italy is paralyzed by the big game Juventus vs Manchester United is played today (3:00 AM LIVE ONLINE LIVE via ESPN 2) for the fourth day of Group H in the Champions League. In addition, all incidents and the complete summary of the game can be followed by Lí

Minute for Juventus vs Manchester United:

Second time

90 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; Manchester United loses it! Marcus Rashford is left alone against the rival goalkeeper, but he misses and loses 3-1.

90 & # 39; Four minutes of addition.

89 & # 39; Young's free kick, Pogba tries his head, but Alex Sandro ends up in his goal.


86 & # 39; Free kick shot by Juan Mata. Spanish takes a beautiful left-foot shot that overcomes the barrier and makes useless Szczesny stretch.


83 & # 39; Phew! Shot by Martial, good save by Szczesny and then Chiellini cleans the ball from his area.

82 & # 39; Change in Juventus: Enter Barzagli, finish De Sciglio.

78 & # 39; Change in Manchester United: enter Fellaini, Alexis Sánchez leaves.

76 & # 39; Phew! Zapatazo from Pjanic from the middle distance, the ball grabs the longitudinal pole.

75 & # 39; Yellow for Dybala (Juventus).

73 & # 39; Who Only Failed Square! The Colombian leads a counter, passing to Cristiano on the right, returning the ball to Juan Guillermo, which defines the goal.

69 & # 39; Change in Manchester United: enter Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard leaves.

64 & # 39; Long ball to the back of the defense and Cristiano Ronaldo defines with an impressive volley to beat De Gea.


61 & # 39; Center to the United area, Cuadrado comes head ball, stops leading a rival and the referee is missing.

56 & # 39; The Sciglio tries to cross from the right, but eventually ends up missing Pogba.

51 & # 39; Young is on the field after an inadvertent stamp by Alex Sandro.

49 & # 39; Phew! Dybala receives in the area, takes place and takes the left footstep crashing on the crossbar.

46 & # 39; The second part begins at Juventus Stadium.

End of the first time!

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; Phew! Cristiano Ronaldo shot bending into a rival and ending in a corner.

45 & # 39; One minute surcharge.

42 & # 39; Phew! Center United area, Chiellini will end, but before Ander Herrera seems to reject the ball in the corner.

41 & # 39; United is saved! Cristiano Ronaldo, opens to the right and takes my coil as no partner of Portuguese would define.

38 & # 39; Phew! Deep volley that goes straight to the angle, but Pogba goes on with his head.

34 & # 39; Who has failed Khedira! Cristiano reaches the bottom line, pulls the pass back and Sami defines badly and the ball hits the post. If he did well, it was a goal.

33 & # 39; Salvador De Gea! Complicated Cuadrado auction, which differs from a rival and requires the US goalkeeper to draw a rescue hand.

32 & # 39; Manazo from Alex Sandro to Ander Herrera who causes the referee to punish, but does not appeal to Juventus.

30 & # 39; Juventus chance! Khedira shots that save without difficulty De Gea.

27 & # 39; Phew! Pogbas last center for Alexis, who failed to volley the ball.

23 & # 39; Juventus auction series colliding in several rivals until Chiellini tries to finish, but ends up striking Alexis before.

21 & # 39; Alexis crosses the ball, but Smalling is playing a penalty.

15 & # 39; Juventus chance! Cristiano receives 3/4 of the court and is betting on the auction, the ball just goes away from De Gea's goals.

13 & # 39; Phew! Great public transport of Juventus, center of Cristiano for Bonucci, but the ball goes a bit past.

11 & # 39; Yellow by Matic (United) for a serious foul at Dybala.

9 & # 39; Phew! Bentancur receives the edge of the area, takes the shot, but the ball hits Smalling and ends in the corner.

7 & # 39; Another from United! Arrival with Martial, who sees and takes the shot but deviates from a rival.

6 & # 39; United's try with Alexis, who does not get more for Juventus's good defense.

4 & # 39; Phew! Dybala center of Cristiano Ronaldo, as volley tops, but his shot is deflected in Lindelof.

3 & # 39; Good move from United that does not come anymore due to a very high center and passed by Young to the right.

1 & # 39; Start the game at Juventus Stadium.

-The dressing room and the warming of Manchester United before the match against Juventus

– The performances and the arrival of the "Bianconero" players at Juventus Stadium.

Adjustments of Juventus vs Manchester United:

juventus: Szczesny, De Sciglio, Chiellini, Bonucci, Alex Sandro, Khedira, Pjanic, Bentancur, Dybala, Ronaldo, Square.

Manchester United: From Gea; Young, Smalling, Lindelöf, Shaw; Matic, Pogba, Herrera; Lingard, Alexis, Martial.

The previous one

Again, the character of the game will be Cristiano Ronaldo. Luso begins and will try to make his first goal in this Champions League, but above all, ensure with Juventus his qualification for the 16th round each Barcelona It is the first team confirmed in this case.

"Now it's fine, but during this period, the titles are not conquered yet. Tomorrow we can reach the season's first goal and then we will think of Series A. It will be important to reach March in full shape," he said. Massimiliano Allegri.

From the front, José Mourinho analyzed what this match will be. Tomorrow's game is very important, but it's not crucial. We want to win, but then there will still be two games to play in order to qualify. "

On the other hand, Paul Pogba He dared to speak too, but not from the party, but from Cristiano Ronaldo. "It's a good thing for Juve. It's always better to have players like Cristiano on your team, for those who make goals are like drinking water. Playing with champion like him, Messi or Neymar It's a pleasure for everyone "

Juventus vs Manchester United LIVE | Possible assignments

juventus: Szczesny; Cancelo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Sandro; Square, Bentancur, Pjanic, Matuidi; Dybala, Christian.

Manchester United: From Gea; Young, Toddler, Lindelof, Shaw; Matic, Pogba, Herrera; Martial, Alexis, Rashford.

Juventus vs Manchester United LIVE | TIMES OF THE WORLD

Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 3.00 p.m.

United States: 3.00 p.m. (ET) / 12.00 p.m. (PT)

Honduras, Guatemala, R. Domincana, El Salvador and Nicaragua: at. 14:00

Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 4.00 p.m.

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 5.00 p.m.

Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 10.00

Juventus vs Manchester United LIVE | CHANNEL GUIDE

Argentina ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 South

Australia Optus Sport

Austria Sky Sport Austria

Azerbaijan CBC Sport Azerbaijan

Belgium Proximus 11+, Q2 Belgium

Bolivia ESPN2 South, ESPN Play South

Bosnia and Herzegovina HRT 2

Brazil Esporte Interativo Plus

Canada DAZN

Chile ESPN2 South, ESPN Play South

China PPTV Sport China, CCTV-5

Colombia ESPN2 Andina, ESPN Play south

Costa Rica ESPN Play North, ESPN North

Croatia HRT 2

Cyprus Cytavision Sports 2, Cytavision Live

Denmark Viaplay Denmark, Viasat Ultra HD, TV3 + HD

Dominica SportsMax App, SportsMax 2

Dominican Republic ESPN Play Norte, SportsMax 2, ESPN Norte, SportsMax App

Ecuador ESPN2 Andina, ESPN Play south

Egypt straight 4K Arabia, BEIN SPORTS CONNECT, BEIN Sport HD 1

El Salvador ESPN Play Norte, ESPN Norte

Finland C More Sport 1, Viasat Sports Premium, C More Suomi

France RMC Sport Direct, RMC Sport 2

Germany DAZN

Ghana SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal + Sport 1 Afrique

Greece Cosmote Sport 5 HD

Guatemala ESPN Norte, ESPN Play Norte

Haiti SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Honduras ESPN Norte, ESPN Play Norte

Hong Kong 662 Sport 2, 602 HD Sports 2

Iceland Station 2 Sport 2


Israel Sport 5 Israel

Italy SKY Go Italy, RAI Play, RAI Uno, Sky Sport Uno, Sky Calcio 2

Jamaica SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Japan DAZN

South Korea SPOT ON

Luxembourg RMC Sport 2, RTL 2

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia MaxTV Go

Mali SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal + Sport 1 Afrique

Mexico ESPN Norte, ESPN Play Norte

Monaco RMC Sport 2

Morocco Direct 4K Arabia, Direct Sports HD 1, DIRECT SPORTS CONNECT

The Netherlands Ziggo Sport Racing

New Zealand Sky Sport 2 NZ, SKY Go NZ

Nicaragua ESPN Play Norte, ESPN Norte

Norway Viasport 1, Viasat Ultra HD, Viaplay Norway

Panama ESPN Play Norte, ESPN Norte

Paraguay ESPN Play South, ESPN2 South

Peru ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 South

Poland IPLA, TVP Sport Live Streaming, TVP Sport, Polsat Sport Premium 1, TVP1

Portugal Elva Sport 2 Portugal

Puerto Rico SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Qatar BEIN Sports HD 1, BEIN SPORTS CONNECT, ben 4K Arabia

Romania Telecom TV Live, Telecom Sport 1 Romania, Digi Sport 1 Romania

Russia Матч! Игра, НТВ + Спорт Онлайн

Saudi Arabia BEIN Sports HD 1, BEIN SPORTS CONNECT, ben 4K Saudi Arabia

Serbia HRT 2, RTS 1

Spain Movistar Champions League 3, Movistar +

Sweden Viaplay Sweden, Viasat Sports Premium, Viasat Ultra HD

Switzerland TeleClub Sport Live


Tonga Sky Sport 2 NZ

Trinidad and Tobago SportsMax 2, SportsMax App


Turkey Digiturk Play, Leg CONNECT Turkey, Leg Sports Turkey

United Arab Emirates BEIN Sports HD 1, BEIN SPORTS CONNECT, BOTH 4K Arabia

United Kingdom BT Sport 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, TalkSport Radio UK, BT Sport Live

USA TNT USA, Univision Radio, Univision Deportes and Vivo, Univision, Univision NOW, Univision Deportes, Watch TNT, B / R Live

Uruguay ESPN2 South, ESPN Play South

Venezuela ESPN2 Andina, ESPN Play south

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