Friday , December 3 2021

Juan Acosta said that the video of Thelma Fardin "generates doubts": "It's very theatrical"


Comedian and actor Juan Acosta He has been repudiated before, after making a joke, as many considered an expression of misogyny. Then colleagues and journalists failed him. And now he has suffered a part of the escalation.

The interview by Fernando Prensa on the "Disrespectful Discrimination" Radio Program talked about Thelma Fardin's complaint against Juan Darthés: "I totally agree that the rapist is condemned, but we have to wait for justice to act, because if you do not blame," said he.


But it was not what was noted by those who followed the case carefully and the water that opened: "I saw it," he said over the video, "I do not think so, but I can not believe how he says it . It makes me doubt how he says it, but I do not know, maybe it is, I see it very theatrical. "

He also spoke of Darthé's reply. "When I watch the video of Juan Darthés, and he answers so spontaneously, you say" this man is not lying "because he does not doubt, but maybe the guy is a psychopath and you do not detect him, he says. He added: "We start from not going to Darthés, I'm neutral here … it's as if they're playing the Boca River and I'm from San Lorenzo."

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