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"It was a whole mess!" Marcelo Polino indignant with the delivery of Estrella de Mar 2019 awards!

Price deliveries always generate controversy because losers usually do not do well with the jury's decision and it causes very strong media transfers the next day when entertainment shows interviews all celebrities who are looking for opinions that increase the audience with the help of phrases of great impact launched by actors, directors, producers and front page author.

The delivery of Estrella de Mar 2019 to the best summer season certainly gives a lot of tissue to cut because almost everyone, from the public to the stars who participated in the event, again noted that the ceremony was not up to the standards. expectations, with a confused organization, a careless treatment of the artists and, worst of all, the lack of a microphone that allowed the winners of each to say a few words.

Pablo Culell, in charge of Sebastián Ortega from the Underground Production Company, creator of hits like El Marginal and Cien Días to fall in love, showed all his dissatisfaction in a tweet that quickly went viral in social networks: "One of the most intelligent and talented people of Argentina spectacle that Nacha Guevara recognizes (with justice) through her path and they remove the audience the opportunity to listen to her. Which skull decided this? That she departs "(sic).

Marcelo Polino, who currently performs unipersonals with Nacha, spoke with intruders with Jorge Rial and did not hesitate to show his anger in the uncomfortable situation and was powerful in pointing out what he believes to be a total nonsense, both at organizational level and a shortlist, place artists in places that did not match them and generate unnecessary friction with the audience:

"Nacho and I were nominated as comedians and 2 ladies decompensated when they heard" Don't scream for me, Argentina "because they had been in the Plaza and listened to Evita and nominated us as a comedian. Watch the entire video of the interview with the journalist below and which other artists thought of it, including an upset Fabian Vena:

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