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It snowed in the province of Buenos Aires and in half of the country it was less than 4 ° – 04/07/2019

July started cold, from day 1 of the month. With these 2 ° on Monday, the winter finally made its way into the city and province of Buenos Aires. And scarves, gloves and snow bags will be seen until Saturday in the streets of Buenos Aires.

But the cold is not alone in the middle of the country. About nine in the morning this Thursday, in the middle of Argentina, the temperature did not exceed 4 °. The coldest city in the country? in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, was registered -9 °.

A cold wave settled in the middle of the country from the patagonian zone and will remain for the rest of the week.

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This Thursday started with a significant temperature decrease in the city and the province of Buenos Aires: 3rd. The predicted maximum is 10 °. In the north, the same panorama. While in some points in Greater Buenos Aires temperatures below zero reached La Plata -1 °. The city of Azul started the day with -1,8 and Villa Gesell, with 1.8º.

And the snow was present in the province of Buenos Aires, in the town of Tres Arroyos (about 500 kilometers south of Federal Capital). The snowfall was recorded after 5.30 and prolonged for several minutes.

The meteorological phenomenon surprised some of the neighbors, who did not hesitate to take pictures with their cell phones and cameras and they were spread by local media.

According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (TNS) for Tres Arroyos, it is planned for Thursday rain and snowfall in the morning, showers in the afternoon and again rain and snowfall for the night at a temperature of at least -1 ° in the morning.

In Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, the temperature reached -2.2 °.

The SMN presented a report on Tuesday where it expected that "the region will suffer a gradual and progressive reduction in minimum and maximum temperatures as a result of cold air mass of polar origin that will move from south to north. "

Although all non-meteorologists feel in the middle of a "cold wave" strictly speaking, in order for it to happen, certain parameters must be recorded: at least three consecutive days where there are minimum and maximum temperatures below certain thresholds that vary depending on the area. in question.

To be able to talk about a cold wave in the city of Buenos Aires, there should be three days with a minimum of 3.8 and a maximum of less than 12.6º. "We are not at all in a cold wave, neither in the lowest temperatures nor in the maximum". The coldest day for the latter was July 1 when the temperature reached 2 °, "he explained. bugle Cindy Fernández, spokesman for the SMN.

As for the snow in Tres Arroyos, he said "it's not the first time that happens". Although not common, it is not a "big snowfall". According to the local SMN meteorologist who informed the agency of this phenomenon, it fell "It wasn't neat" – The frozen drops that accumulate on the surface make it appear as a "transparent" snow – but "snow itself".

Look, too

From the Sierra de la Ventana, the SMN also received reports of the presence of snow in the highest peaks of that city of Buenos Aires.

"The temperature is expected to continue to fall, Saturday morning is the coldest day, with a minimum close to 0 °, Cindy closes.


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