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"It is common to remove the ankle," admitted the judge who gave Conzi a home

Horacio Conzi, the murderer of Marcos Schenone, was sentenced to 24 years and 9 months in prison. Due to an arrhythmia order observed by the doctors of the Penitentiary Service, the court arrested him. But in the last days a controversy was generated even more serious: it was learned that the businessman tore the electronic ankle as it was "tight". The judge who gave her the benefit claimed in TN It is a situation like "It happens every day."

In dialogue with TN Central, Judge Victoria García Maañón said that sometimes "units may fail" that oversee movements at home by prisoners in the same condition as Conzi. "That the bracelet goes out, breaks or gets stuck happening every day. Not only are they sometimes connected because it is a device, but sometimes it loses the signal as the mobile phone. If the address is very large, it may fail for two or three minutes, he says.

The judgment also made it clear that if the judicial system verifies that the employer took off the bracelet and left his house without any kind of justification in connection with his health problem, I could immediately go back to prison.

Hugo, Horacio's brother, defended him. "It was all a misunderstanding"He said in TN about the publication on Facebook which opposed the reason he could return home while still having to earn 8 years and 7 months in prison. In his defense, he stated that he "referred to veganism", a habit he incorporated into the prison and which had a favorable impact on his health.

However, he understood that the post was interpreted as "a crime against the family (Schenone)" and he claimed that he therefore urged his brother to close his profile to the public. In addition, he clarified that Horacio is in treatment for his illness and that he sleeps "almost all day because the pills he takes are strong".

As for how and why the unit was removed, he explained: "We detached the ankle with a dryer because I could not walk. " In addition, he pointed out that he had also increased the pressure.

Posting of the condemned in social networks. (Source: TN).
Posting of the condemned in social networks. (Source: TN).

Marcos Schenone was killed on January 16, 2003 when traveling in a travel with a friend and two girls, after going to eat at the Dallas restaurant, in the northern suburbs. Conzi was furious when one of these girls had refused to have a relationship with him. This unleashed the businessman's madness, as when they left the scene, pursued them with their truck on Libertador Avenue until he, at the height of the San Isidro Cathedral, kicked 14 cogs: Three of these bullets hit the victim in the back.

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