Saturday , June 19 2021

Impressive first trailer of the series "Monzón", centered on the murder of Alicia Muñiz | TV site, movie, music, fashion and entertainment billboard of La Voz del Interior

With the first trailer to monsoon, the series about Carlos Monzon's life begins to reveal the mystery. This Friday saw the advance of this production, where Jorge Román put on the skin and gloves of one of the great Argentinian sports, which also had a dark past as it ended in prison after the murder of Alicia Muñiz.

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Exactly, the questions are focused on the tone in which the production will be addressed: whether you mark their sporting benefits like the great Argentine boxing champion, flirting with entertainment or focusing on the end of the police color.

The first trailer is shocking, with his ax sat in the murder of his last couple and mother to his son. It's no coincidence that the first scene shown is from the autopsy and Muiziz coffin, and he is immediately plagued by a corpse. The characterization is impressive (from Monzón at different stages of his life, where Mauricio Paniagua also works), as well as the period's setting.

Produced by Disney Media Distribution Latin America and Pampa Films, supported by Incaa, it is a series of 13 episodes of one hour covering the investigation of the murder of Muñiz, his last wife and mother to his youngest son, of which Monzón Han is the main defendant.

The series tells milestones in his biography, with a life as fascinating as controversial, at a time when violence is attributed to manpower and passion.

The cast is done by Celeste Cid like Susana Giménez, Diego Cremonesi of Gustavo Parisi, Florencia Raggi as Patricia Rosello, Carla Quevedo as Alicia Muñiz.

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