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"If Real Madrid doesn't want me, I get paid and everything fixes"

Marcelo, one of the historic ones Real Madrid, you profess in a deep interview with the Esporte Interactivo channel that "never" has the ability to abandon Merengue, but also clarify that if the entity presiding Florentino Prez does not want it, it pays him and "everything is fixed". In addition, the 30-year-old Brazilian midfielder referred to the surprise marches of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane in the White House.

Look at the most spicy phrases that Marcelo left about his life in Madrid:

– "It never passed me to leave Real Madrid. I trust more than any other person and I do not have to leave. If the leadership wants me to leave, that they pay me and everything is arranged. I trust myself, in my work, but the day comes when Real Madrid does not want me, I leave. Be sorry, but I'll go. But I'm sure I won't be kicked. "

– "Zidan's departure was weird, it was a statement and most of us didn't know it because everything was wonderful and for me it was a shock. We had a wonderful relationship, we talked every day, he was interested in me, I defended myself if I was okay … "Zizou "was very big for me, a professional, not just for the titles, I defended myself a lot here and did everything for him, run, fight, play damaged. practically, I left my life for Zidane".

– "I always say the same." The fans are people who work hard all week, they go, they argue with their partners … Then they go to the arena to stress and if they "whistle" I say they have I do everything to please, but I understand, because I was also an amateur. "

– "He had a very good relationship with Cristiano (Ronaldo), with his family, his girlfriend … I played 9 years with him. It's normal to be sadBut with Kiko (Casilla), who was sitting next to me, I also felt empty, sorry. It was all day "How about Kiko, how's it going" and Now I have no one at my side. On the other side, I (Gareth) Bale, but he doesn't speak, he only speaks English. We talk to gestures and I say "hi hello and hey" ".

– "It is true that I already put the ball in the area and that Cristiano was always finishing, it was easy. Karim (Benzema) was more room in the area to connect to make connections and Cristiano was in the area. "

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