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"I live with a miracle," says the young woman who was almost killed by anesthesia – 03/15/2019

More than two years have passed since anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris (42) beat her, killed her and almost killed her, but Belén Torres (22) still does not recognize when the television shows show off her beaten face, her face swollen and her oblique eyes from her days detained at the hospital, on the verge of death. But it's not another life or another woman. It is she and only this Friday, one day after the sentence for her aggressor became effective, the 24-year-old thinks about rebuilding his life.

It doesn't cry or shake. It is entirely. It stays strong, always with his family and mainly by her dad Rubén, who takes care of her and holds her in every hug as a superhero shield: "My dad is the biggest there, he confronted everyone. My mom and my brothers were always at my side and that made it possible arrive a little after a little while. "

Belen Torres, after the ruler who condemned her attacker. Photo: Lucía Merle

Belen Torres, after the ruler who condemned her attacker. Photo: Lucía Merle

On Thursday, the Federal Oral Court No. 8 Judged Billiris for 14 years in prison And in Bethlehem there is a mix of emotions. On the one hand, he is unhappy (his lawyer Fernando Burlando had requested 50 years while the indictment demanded 27 years) because he believes that the time he will imprisonment is not enough, but at the same time he knows there are hundreds of cases where you even get a conviction.

"You have to accept what Justice said. I think of all women who decide and who are not heard and then I think I am a happy one. But that should not be so. It's time for it to change, says Belén in her home in Aldo Bonzi where she got bugle.

On January 30, 2017, the young woman went to Billiri's house, as they had entered into an employment relationship. They had met by the social network Tinder and he hired her to be his assistant. Billiris led a life of drug abuse when he attended the military hospital. According to Belén, he lived with cracks. "He was always drawn, I never saw him sober. Before he started working, he used drugs. He was supposed to work and he took drugs. A past due"Remember him.

Anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris in Comodoro Py. Thelma

Anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris in Comodoro Py. Thelma

In the evening of the story he asked her to take care of his house in Palermo and when he returned late from work, at 2 o'clock in the morning, the trial began: "He came and grabbed a caramel of boil and burned it. He said he smoked , when I took the breath he covered my nose and mouth with his hand, he got me with tachycardia and I started asking him for help because I thought I'd die. I was lying on the bed and he was next to me. He grabbed a tube and burned it again. I told him again that I felt bad and he told me he was calm, closing my eyes and not thinking, "he said.

Second later, Billiris began to beat him. First blow and then kick. He screamed that he would kill her. She fled as much as she could to the shield and started screaming until a neighbor called the police. The next memory she has is to awaken interned in Itoiz de Avellaneda Sanatario without understanding what happened: "They didn't want to give me a mirror so I wouldn't see what it looked like. I was afraid when they brought me a glass of water and The sorbet could not point it to my mouth because I had a lot of pulse. Today I think about it and I think so I live by miracles".

-Billiris used his last word before the jury to apologize and say he was sorry for what he did. Do you believe in him?

No word. He also said he wants to raise his daughter, but he never thought of her when he attacked me. He used it to shame the judges.

Bethlehem also speaks about his future. His greatest desire now is to compensate for lost time between sleepless nights and nightmares: "I dreamed that I was unlocked, caught without seeing the light. Men who beat meThey chased me and they raped me. But it was little and disappeared and I am better. "Now she is studying as a garden teacher and for eight months she has met Hector, a young neighbor from the area who understands her and listens to her every time she needs him.

Belén Torres at Avellaneda Clinic, in February 2017. Photo Diego Díaz,

Belén Torres at Avellaneda Clinic, in February 2017. Photo Diego Díaz,

In one of the interviews she gave on Thursday, as soon as Billiris was convicted, she said she was willing to give advice and support any woman suffering from a man's violence: "Today I woke up and got a message in my cell. I was a 16-year-old girl who told me she had been abused by a family member and that she didn't know how to report it. I wondered how I could do it. "

– Do you think it is necessary that there is more integration policy for women?

Of course it is necessary, what is so far with achieves. We need to listen much more, there are more containers for women, places where they can be safe, where they are safe and can tell what they suffer without fear.

– How is the exhibition going?

It happens to me that in many distances I stop and give me encouragement. Others congratulate me on the courage and not to lower my arms. But I am not an example, I am in a place I did not choose. I was not looking for this interview, but here I am and I think what I say can be useful for many girls who went through something similar, or maybe they can avoid it. You don't have to be ashamed, not half. I gave my face because I felt I should have done it. "

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