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How is the typical football injury that Nández suffered?

Doctor Off Boca Juniors, Jorge Batista, announced to the wheel Nahitan Nández "has no set date" to return to play football for his "strange" toe injury, but also made it clear that "nothing happens" seriously.

"Nahitan Nández does nothing, simply because he had a traumatism of the first phalangeal MTT joint and suffered an injury from the plantar plate (Turf Toe), an extremely common injury to American football which in some cases may become surgical", detailed the professional on the injury who has removed from the playground to charrú.

Through his official Instagram account, the head of the Ribera medical team explained the reason why the Uruguayan national team games may still not be available to coach Gustavo Alfaro.

In addition, Batista clarified in the social network as the 23-year-old player he does not need to be driven and describes his case as "a more damaging, perhaps less known here in Argentine football".

"It is much better, but there is no definite return day, it may be this week and if it is not right, it will be the second and if it will not be the other, but nothing happens, do not look for anything else for Greetings to everyone, "the doctor said vigorously.

Nández, one of the players most loved by the fans, could not complete the preseason with Xeneize and still didn't play in what happened in 2019, as it has the ailment that affects the big toe and causes discomfort and pain.

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