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Horror: A young woman became paraplegic after receiving a nasal hearing

February 12, 2019

An MR showed that Layane, 20, had half a liter of pus between her vertebrae that pressed the spinal cord. "I felt nothing from the breasts down," he said.


A 20-year-old girl became paraplegic after having had a nasal hearing. Everything happened in July when Layane Dias celebrated having got an internship and planned a trip with her family when she started feel very strong pains in the back.

Despite painkillers, the pain continued to increase until he stopped feeling the legs, and then the same thing happened to the rest of the body. "I couldn't feel anything from the breasts down", told the young woman during an interview with the BBC.

It was then that Dias decided to go to the doctor and had to be driven quickly after a Magnetic resonance will reveal that he had half a liter of pus between three vertebrae pushing the spinal cord.

According to her story, the neurosurgeon who attended her explained a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, which manages to transmit diseases through the blood, had entered the body through an infection and asked him if he had a sore on his nose or something like that. "As he explained to me, that bacterium is usually generated in the nostrils. That's when I told him I had a nasal hearing the previous month. ", the young woman said.


"& # 39;The piercing was the bacterium's entrance door to your body ", he told me. Listen to the puzzled me ", the young woman counted.

Layane Dias described herself as a fan of piercings and said she had pierced her right nose on "three occasions". But in June he decided to change and became one on the left.

In that respect, he said it for the first time blood had come out during the drilling and then it swelled and made the tip of the nose red, but he did not give much importance.

He got a piercing, he got infected and died

The surgeon responsible for the operation, Oswaldo Ribeiro Marquez, assured that even if it is something "Uncommon" this is "Possible to a piercing cause paraplegia". "It can occur in cases where there are some complications in the process ", he assured him that he had seen no such thing in his 15 years of clinical experience.

In January, her case became public after the girl decided to tell her story on Instagram. "I want people to be more careful and choose a good place where they should do a piercing", he insured

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