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Great Greek! Athens was afraid of the descent

The relief cry, of rage, was heard in the silence at Once United Stadium.

Athens, the great Athens, managed to make the most difficult moment in its history in the National Basketball League.

This Saturday managed to win a tough match to Quilmes de Mar del Plata with 105-90 and thus He wound up the series with 3 to 0.

so, condemned the descent to Quilmes and achieved the long-awaited salvation.

Greece was able to withstand the pressure and closed the worst season of its history in a dignified manner.

Now it will be the rebuilding rebuilding in the longing to return to being a protagonist.

But the most important thing was achieved: to remain the only team that remains in the elite of Argentine basketball for 35 years.

(Courtesy Twitter Way to the Costume: @ CAV963)

The match

Quilmes started out better in the game, with great intensity. But Athens was a little match matched with a lot of heart.

Thus, the first quarter ended with the local top of the scoreboard with a triple distance: 24 to 21.

IN second quarterthanks to Moore's outer shots and better defense, Greece could close 51-46, which gave him good prospects for the last part of the match.

The desperation began to take its toll on the premises and in the third quarter he felt like never before.

The outer shots began to fail and Athens fled the scoreboard, takes 14 points on the way to the last quarter: 81 to 67. Salvation seemed possible within reach.

The last quarter weighed too much on the local, which already looked desperate. Athens took advantage, played calmly and closed the victory he needed. The one who gave him relief: He is still in the top category of national basketball.

(Courtesy Twitter Way to the Costume: @ CAV963)


Quilmes: Víctor Fernández, Lucas Ortíz Winzome Frazier, Sebastián Morales, Richard Jackson; Luciano Tantos, Maximiliano Maciel, Mateo Bolívar, Juan De la Fuente, Agustín Lecona, Eduardo Vassirani, Lucas Nuñez. DT: Javier Bianchelli.

Athens: Franco Baralle, Matthew Chiarini, Johnathan Moore, Nicolas Romano, Leon Williams; Maximiliano Stanic, Bruno Barovero, Juan Fernández Chávez, Fernando Martina, Leonardo Lema, Ignacio Segura. DT: Osvaldo Arduh

  • Judge: Pablo Estevez, Diego Rougier and Leandro Lezcano
  • Field: Once United (Mar del Plata)

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