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Government's first response to court decision: "We value the decision to enforce the law" – 11/27/2018


The Justice Minister, Germán Garavano, went out to praise the Supreme Court's decision on this Tuesday so that the judges and employees of the force that have adopted since 2017 pay income taxes.

"We value the Supreme Court's decision as unanimously, supported the proposal from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to comply with the law, "said the minister. bugle.

The decision of the Court was unanimous. He rejected a ban proposed by the League of Magistrates against a law passed by the Congress in 2016. As there were failures in lower cases that accepted amparo, The Ministry decided to appeal to the Supreme Court in a complaint, which ended giving the cause.

The ruler's spirit is The judiciary can not advance on the power of another power, in this case the legislature, if it dictates a norm that does not violate the constitution.

For his part, Pablo Tonelli, deputy of Cambiemos and member of the Magistrates Council, celebrated the agreement of the Supreme Court "in accordance with the law approved in the National Congress two years ago."

"This ruling contemplates the need to promote and respect the constitutional principle of equality in public fees, with particular emphasis on equity and tax capital. Its application will enable any judge to pay income tax, like the rest of the residents of our country, in a few years, says the legislator.

And he stressed that decision "Provides a solution to the debated question of damages payment of income tax".

The court's decision known this Tuesday is framed in one hot agenda as the Supreme Court predicted from this year to the end of the year, and it ends on December 18th with the issue most concerned with the government: what formula will be calculated for salaries and compensation for pensioners who sued the state. In the middle there will be failures about the application of 2×1 to repressors and the law of the slogans in Santa Cruz, among others.

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