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Good rises in soy, corn and wheat at the end of the week

Soybeans earned more than $ 2 in both Chicago and Argentina. Grain and wheat got up to 4%.

The market closed a round of important gains in corn and wheat, and slightly more moderate in soybeans, due to adjustment of pre-holiday positions in the US for the memorial day, given the harvest report that will be known on next Tuesday

Forecasts for prolonged rains in the Midwest region support maize prices, delay the sowing and generate uncertainty about the impact on wheat crops.

In addition, the planting delays soybean operators attention, says the closure of the plant FyO.

At local level, the advance of soybean harvest reaches 85% while that of corn 36%.


Soybean futures ended higher after having touched their lowest point since mid-May and followed the upward trend in the market. The available soybean market ended at $ 304.7 per tonne, $ 2.8 over Friday's closing.

In the local market, oil growth increased 100 pesos to USD 10,200 per tonne and was chained to five consecutive increases.

For the next campaign, companies are delivered with delivery in May 2020 of 240 US dollars per tonne.


Corn futures in the United States received $ 5 per tonne and reached maximum values ​​over one year, worried that weather may prevent planting from being completed.

The price of corn available was 3.85% and closed at 159.33 US $ per tonne.

At the local market, maize served at $ 6,800 per tonne, with an increase of $ 300 (4.62%). The corn of the current campaign was negotiated at US $ 140 per tonne with delivery in July and the other operated at between $ 145 and $ 150.


Chicago Wheat Futures reported gains of $ 7, driven mostly by speculative fund purchases and weather forecasts that threaten to lower crop quality.

Wheat available on the local market was offered $ 195 per tonne with unloading, with an increase of 2%.

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