Sunday , October 2 2022

Fuel should rise again this weekend: How much would the increase be? Economy


The likelihood of the price of fuel falling in December began to fade after the dollar rose, which in recent days climbed almost 10 percent and moved to 40 kronor in all banks in the country.

Rumors of a possible low came after the sharp decline in commodity prices, which yesterday worked at $ 60 a barrel, 16 percent less than when the oil companies adjusted local values ​​for the last time to achieve import parity.

But the US currency's effort, which increased by 8.34 percent in bioethanol and the imminent adjustment of taxes that will come into force next month, may ultimately dispel this opportunity and stop being a weekend. New climb, which would be 15th of 2018.

Tax increases would affect prices
The new increase in naphtha would be $ 1.10 while gasoline would rise $ 0.75. The measure responds to the application of the quarterly increase in the tax on fuel (ITC) and carbon dioxide tax (IDC) reported by retailers.

The new increase is in line with the increase in tax burden. The latest adjustment of ITC and IDC, was applied in September and the amount is valid until 30 November. On December 1, this new adjustment will apply until February 28th. But in March 2019, the same taxes will be adjusted again.

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