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From peace to anger, the conference of "Maestro" Tabárez after being left out

Uruguay lost a penalty against Peru after equating in the nineties rule minutes for the quarterfinals of Copa América Brazil 2019. During the match, to the Charrúa team canceled the 3 goals through VAR.

Despite that, "Master"Oscar Washington Tabárez, was not looking for pretexts at the time to base the defeat of his director. With the peaceful tone that characterizes him, the 72-year-old coach said:" Until the last moment the team continued to look. and in the punishment Peru was better. And that's all good"He continued.

Later he continued to refer to the rival's way of playing: "We must accept defeat, congratulate those who defeated us for not doing anything outside the rules"(…)" It causes us great disappointment because we came up with the idea of ​​winning and we didn't get it, "he concluded.

However, the topic did not end there. An Uruguayan journalist took the microphone and demanded explanations from the trainer after elimination. "Master"He replied" I'm not going to give explanations, I'll comment on the game. Neither you nor anyone else I have to explain. I do not come here to justify anything, if you interpreted what is wrong, ugly"Shot Tabárez.

Tabárez at press conference. Photo: EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda.

In conclusion, he undoubtedly said: "I'm not with result journalism. We are the same as when we won. We'll try to get out of this and I'm sure we'll get it. "

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