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For Angela Torres, Juan Darthés is "a monster" – 12/15/2018


Angela Torres commented on the wave of allegations of sexual assault in the artistic environment, supported Thelma Fardin and accused Juan Darthés – his former casting partner in "Simona" – being a "monster".

"Everything is very strong, I worked with him all year long, my mother (Gloria Carrá) was in" Ugly Duckling "and I was very close to Thelma at that time, she was a girl. It's really an eyesore and that (Darthés) has the impunity and the face to go out saying that the things he says make me get lost, says Torres.

In dialogue with Chismoses, on Net TV, the 20-year-old actress said she felt "sorry" for Darthe's children, but said that "justice must act and be fair once and for all." "He raped her and was a minor"he was convicted

Asked to work with Darthés in the Pol-ka children's strip in the middle of the scandal of Calu Rivero's complaint, Ángela explained that it was "strange", although "it was not time to comment on him".

"I always had my way of thinking, but I had to save myself, because it was the first time I was on the head of a casting and my laburo was in danger. I had to take care of it. I always thought Calu and now I'm with Thelma. It was difficult to record with him, everything was confusing and weird. I could tell you many things, but it's not time, "he added.

Torres also expressed insurgency against the violence against women in the country and said he felt "sometimes it's a war".

Torres was Darthé's maiden in Pol-ka novel.

Torres was Darthé's maiden in Pol-ka novel.

"Go to the marches and watch women hang out (as an artistic representation) and see that there are men who say" oh how strong … "and yes! That's what they do for us. It's not bad to put it in sight"closed.

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