Wednesday , June 16 2021

Filippa accused of buying trout bills to defrauda AFIP

PUERTO IGUAZÚ Renovation mayor Claudio Filippa can be accused of integrating an illegal union to punish AFIP in a criminal investigation investigated by federal judge Luis Antonio Armella, who has already ordered the prefectures to carry out 50 raids including Iguazu.

The majority of the 3500 recipients of these apocryphal electronic invoices and the 100 "power plants" that generate them have already been identified in the case.

All the "plants" had headlines indifferent and low-income earners approached the band of the active police – and separated from the power – Darío Benavides, a relative of Gómez, who was also the group's guardian and "rump".

The uniformed was not just the person responsible for approaching and convincing the indifiers to accept signing the documentation and even carrying out the procedures before AFIP as assumed responsible persons without a billing threshold. He was also the one who paid between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 to the so-called "power plant" to lend his name.

The rest was on behalf of Russia. He was responsible for putting on behalf of people "without economic capacity" those companies or real through which the work that was never done to perform taxes would be billed.

On the other hand, the municipality of Puerto Iguazú, responsible for Claudio Raúl Filippa, is also among the involved.

Several municipalities involved

In other plans, AFIP discovered hundreds of thousands of pesos billed with apocryphal tickets for sale of sand, cement, lime, paint and other types of alleged benefits, such as advertising and surveys.

AFIP discovered this amazing criminal maneuver almost by chance. Or not A senior official was struck by the millions of pesos billed in a short period by an unknown company, who was in the name of María Fernández.

More doubts arose when they discovered that the woman began to calculate large amounts for the few days she was in AFIP, but that even before she had no formal job.

And the configuration of the crime was finally determined when Public Revenue Administration and Prefectura specialists discovered that the actual invoices of the alleged businesswoman, María Fernández, were printed from a computer whose IP address (computer identifier) ​​was used by other companies was also created from one day to the other and whose owners until then did not have a job or were recipients of social plans.

Keep in mind that any computer connected to the Internet or any network has a unique identifier, called IP address (in English, Internet Protocol), consisting of four combinations of numbers.

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