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Federal Alternative continues its construction | chronicle

The Governor of Cordoba, Juan Schiaretti, ratified its position in peronism on Wednesday and pointed it out "My space is federal option"and add it "We want to build a profitable alternative for Argentina, to overcome the crack"In that sense, the president's candidate candidate announced that "the appropriate moment. "

"I am not the owner of the Federal Alternative, I am in the governors who created space, which has a horizontal thinking and we will define what is the mechanism for defining our space candidate", the newly elected Cordovan representative added an interview with Channel 8 in the provincial capital.

While participating in the TV note, Schiaretti received the greeting Roberto Lavagna, Miguel Ángel Pichetto and Miguel Lifschitz, who, through video recordings, congratulated Cordovan's governor on his overwhelming choice tribe on last Sunday.

When asked about the situation of peronism at national level, he explained that "There are two clearly marked spaces: one, by Unidad Ciudadana and the official PJ, which I do not belong to. On the other hand, Federal Alternative, which can be combined with socialism, GEN and part of radicalism ".

On the other hand, the national alternate is Graciela Camaño tried to destroy rumors indicating a possible agreement between Sergio Massa and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner by saying that "Front Renovador is a space that exists outside justicialismo ", and assured that the former mayor of Tigre is "our candidate. "

When asked by FM La Patriada about the meeting held on Wednesday by justiciismo and which Cristina Kirchner attended, Camaño said: "For us, things are exactly the same, regardless of the statements made by them." "They make us feel very happy to see that our candidate is important," said Camaño, who said "Frente Renovador is a space outside justicialismo". He added that "when we were proud of the Front of Victory, we were told that we had to put together a game if we wanted to think, we set up a game and we stuck with our candidate".

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