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"Exit with wet hair sick" and other helmets denied by science | Diario de Cuyo

Internet changed radical access to information. Today in the network all types of data are and most come from poorly documented sources and in many cases with false justifications. According to the Barcelona Medical Association (COMB) One of three fake news on the Internet refers to health issues. Some of them are:

1. Getting out with wet hair will make you sick

In order for this to happen, you need to have contact with pathogens that cause diseases and this does not depend on the moisture of the hair. However, it may be that when you leave a cold day, you cause a latent virus that is already present in the body to activate and cause the symptoms.

2. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day

The daily needs of an individual to another may vary depending on the size of the body, physical activity, climate and other factors. The most curious thing is that there is no study to support this exact indication. Partly because you cannot patent the water, so it is difficult to find someone who is interested in financing such an investigation because the result will not be a new drug or a cosmetic product.

3. The fresh is healthier than the frozen one

Frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional properties as vegetable vegetables. If we think about it, it shows us that when they are frozen, all properties are preserved at the highest point of their maturity.

4. A person can develop resistance to antibiotics

Those who can develop such resistance are bacteria, but not a person. Therefore, the drug stops functioning if it is taken frequently and for a long time.

5. Homeopathy works and can be more effective than a medication

The scientific evidence against the effect of homeopathy is irreversible and 14 years ago, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet ended the debate in an editorial title "End of Homeopathy" which suggests stopping wasting time and money trying to demonstrate the effects of a therapy that failed doing it for two centuries of history.

The most important

There are problems related to health or science itself that should be removed because they are related to relevant issues and may compromise our health, as is the case with, for example, the anti-vaccine movement when Vaccines really save millions of lives and there are diseases that are eradicated through them.

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