Friday , December 3 2021

Excitement in the Rial family: Jorge reconciled with Morena and met her grandson


Jorge Rial was reconciled with brunetteYour daughter They had been moved for several months and she seemed to hate him. Time healed the wounds and the early family member's early arrival helped solve everything.

With great pleasure, the journalist in his network shared a photo of the young businesswoman in her entirety ultrasound. There he could meet his little boy, of whom he still does not know the name. Even if they had to put Jordi first, they seem to give up the thought.

"Today I met my grandson", wrote the driver of intruder next to the picture. The association of father and daughter comes after a very important decision that marks one before and after in Jorge's career. He decided to leave his entertainment program before turning 20 on the air. Unexpectedly!

Fortunately, in pairs with Romina Pereiro, Rial is enjoying new life in this new stage, where he becomes a grandfather for the first time. Now we just have to wait for Rocío to make changes with his sister and everything will be like in the old days.

The scandal broke out in the middle of the year when Morena accused his father of being a scam and a bad person. She also required food and monthly money to be unemployed and to be a minor. Today everything was before.

Jorge Rial met her grandson.
Jorge Rial met her grandson.
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