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Elisa Carrió: "The only candidate for Cambiemos is Mauricio Macri" – 25.05.2012

Visits Entre Ríos to support the candidacy Atilio Benedetti to the governor, the national deputy Elisa Carrió She was convinced of an official victory in the presidential election and again supported President Mauricio Macri's candidacy.

"The only candidate for Cambiemos is Mauricio Macri, and those who propose others just try to weaken the president, "he said in a clear criticism directed at a radicalist sector that this Monday will resolve in the National Convention if the party remains within the coalition or implements another alliance policy for the election.

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Carrió said he had "safety and calm it Let's change will win in October"Even though we have experienced the most difficult economic year, we will ratify a Republic's road that we started in 2015. The future is Cambiemos," he added.

For the leader of the ARI civil coalition, "Argentina's fate is as difficult as it is wonderful." "A country without justice is a country that won't grow either," he said. He added: "The main purpose of our government is that those who today live in poverty can be integrated into the middle class."

Carrió, visiting Entre Ríos.

Carrió, visiting Entre Ríos.

As for the election on June 9 in Entre Ríos, Carrió said that "an honest person like Benedetti will be a great governor of this province." "The national government rebuilt federalism in the country and we also see that in the work being done, even in the provinces, they are governed by another political space. Now Entre Ríos needs an honest and consistent governor like Benedetti," he concluded.

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